Change is never easy

SGB Family Mediation (SGB-FM) offers counselling, mediation and collaborative practice services for people who are experiencing stress from:

The one thing that will make life's stressors unbearable
is the feeling of
No Control.

It is known that having support, and using healthy communication strategies that focus on solutions, is the way to achieve the best results. SGBFM's registered Social Worker and accredited Family Mediator will assist you by working through solution focused decision-making. Stress is reduced and happiness increases.

SGBFM provides the support and empowerment to put yourself back In Control. Whether issues be personal or within relationships, we work with you to make healthy, informed decisions that allow you to move forward with confidence.

We invite you to learn more about the benefits offered by SGBFM.

Social Work fees are eligible under some health care benefit plans and qualify on your tax forms each year as a health care cost.

For Information of a personal nature, or not found on our website please contact by phone:705-477-3529 or by email.

*All communications and services are guaranteed confidential and private.

*Exceptions to confidentiality, as per professional body regulations, apply if a child is being harmed, someone is an immediate risk to themselves or others, or a legal process mandates our participation.

Counselling Services
Registered Social Worker has the expertise to help deal with issues in your life

Mediation Services
Closed Mediation offers couples a cost-effective solution that assures privacy and confidentiality

Collaboration Practice
This team-approach method of negotiation fosters open communication and information sharing aimed at out-of-court agreements for divorcing couples


Providing individuals and families with confidential, affordable, timely solutions


Special COVID-19 Precautions and Directives    


Due to COVID-19 cautions and directives, services are being offered by phone and secure computer, privacy-compliant connections. Please contact me via phone at 705-477-3529 or email at cathy.cartwright@sgbfm.ca.

Thank you and be safe.