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An alternative solution

Mediation does not need to be toxic or unreasonably distressing. It's not about 'just getting through it', but actually thriving when re-starting your life in a way that leaves dignity intact for both partners and others involved, including any children. Mediation is a very effective way of untying the marriage knot.


Being aware, supported and informed about the processes involved will help you reach an outcome where you can hold your head high and know that you have made healthy and respectful decisions in a tough situation. Our emotional support strategies help reduce anxiety and stress, all within a legal framework.

It's cost effective
Mediation will cost you a lot less by reducing the amount of time spent with lawyers and in court, minimizing lost employment and childcare costs. Working with the guidance of a neutral third party is also less stress provoking than appearing in court and mediation is more confidential than a recorded court process, which goes on the public record. Also, fees may be covered by benefit plans or may qualify for a tax deduction.

Timely and flexible

Setting up flexible appointments is far more efficient and convenient than waiting for appointed court dates. In-person or online meetings can allow us to work around employment and childcare obligations. Let's talk more about the ways in which our mediation services might help you. Give us a call. We'll answer your questions about how mediation can work for you.

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