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Counselling involves highly personal situations, often for things you would prefer to not even think about. But consider well has'not thinking about it’ served you? ...facing sleeplessness, physical illness and upset — continued rumination without resolution simply perpetuates and deepens distress.

By leading private, supportive and propelling discussions where beneficial change is the focus, we can help you find a way out of the box.


Couples  Help strengthen the relationship, honouring you and your partner along the way preserving and enhancing dignity and mutual respect. Where are you in your relationship? How can you stay together and grow in the relationship.

Separated parents  Let's explore roles and responsibilities in co-parenting focusing on what's best for the child(ren).


People in conflict  Conflicts arise between couples, within families and for individuals that can be resolved through counselling—respectful explorations leading to mutual agreements and compromise for those in relationships. Individuals who feel depressed or are bullied can discover their own self worth, building self-esteem and strengths that lead to a new way forward.


Those suffering grief and loss  Personal loss can be overwhelming and debilitating even after the passage of time.There is help.There is a way out. Opening up in confidence and privacy with professional guidance can go a long way to turning around a life of sadness.


Give us a call. We can talk about your particular needs and how we might best assist.

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